Full form: Progressive Broadcasting Service
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Meaning of Progressive Broadcasting Service.

PBS 106.7FM (call sign: PBS FM), also known as the Progressive Broadcasting Service, is a co-operatively owned community radio station in Melbourne, Australia, that broadcasts on 106.7FM, Digital radio and online. PBS celebrated its 40th year of broadcast in 2019.

PBS is a specialist contemporary music radio station hosting approximately 79 programmes per week. The key to its musical diversity is that, as volunteers, PBS announcers independently choose their own content according to genre or theme. Volunteer efforts are both behind the scenes and on air.

The PBS vision is to nurture, inspire and champion Melbourne's diverse music community.

The station dropped the "3" from its callsign before the turn of the century, preferring in the age of internet streaming and digital radio to be known as just PBS, PBS-FM, or PBS 106.7FM.

The co-operative holds a Community class licence, and raises funds largely through paid annual membership, supplemented by on-air sponsorship, live music events and other activities relevant to the music community in Melbourne.

Shareholding members of the co-operative elect a Board of Directors that employs a Station Manager to be responsible for all aspects of the station's operations, encompassing more than 400 dedicated volunteers and a small team of professional staff.

Programming is determined by a committee chaired by a Board member who oversees the process. The committee includes the Station Manager, Program Manager and seven co-ordinators who are specialists in their respective genres. They are tasked with ensuring that the best announcers and programs are chosen to serve an active music community, complementing what mainstream radio offers.

In 2019, PBS 106.7FM was inducted into the Music Victoria Hall of Fame.