FullForms in Computing

Short Full Form
SUM Summum
PBS Progressive Broadcasting Service
ACS Access Control Service
SLB Software Library
LRC Linear Responsibility Chart
WDF Windows Defender Firewall
DEVS Devices
OSL Open Source Lab
XFDL Extensible Forms Description Language
WSC Windows Script Component
MPM Multi Purpose Module
WOPI Web Application Open Platform Interface
ISYS Intelligent Systems
CAA Clean Access Agent
DCS Department of Computer Science
FOMA Freedom of Mobile Multimedia Access
YJC Yahoo Japan Corporation
IMS Interactive Multimedia System
FSYNC File Synchronization
PLCN Pacific Light Cable Network
GLORIAD Global Ring Network for Advanced Application Development
EIP Ethereum Improvement Proposal
AIS Association for Information Systems
DAP Download Accelerator Plus
FPCA Functional Programming Languages and Computer Architecture
ORA Oracle
CCITSE Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation
GDS Google Data Studio
JAMMA Japanese Amusement Machine Manufacturers Association
ODOC Open Document
PER Provider Edge Router
SSI Shared Source Initiative
WAC Windows Action Center
MLG Microsoft Learning Gateway
OSG Oracle Spatial and Graph
OSA Open Services Architecture
DAM Data Access Manager
WAD Web Application Developer
RPB Reverse Path Broadcasting
MME Multimedia Extensions
CPOL Code Project Open License
INX Internet Exchange
NIRA Nigeria Internet Registration Association
MSH Microsoft Shell
MSCS Microsoft Commerce Server
MOL Microsoft Office Live
AVC Active Virus Control
STIG Security Technical Implementation Guide
ULS User Location Service
WDC Western Digital Corporation
VIC Visual Computing
SAP System Assist Processor
NWHIN Nationwide Health Information Network
PII Pentium 2
NBR Numbering
CSM Common Sense Media
GVS Google Voice Search
HST Hawaiian Standard Time
VDX Virtual Document Exchange
MATLIB Mathematics Library
PGMR Programmer
MSEB Microsoft Expression Blend
GMAC Galois Message Authentication Code
OSL Open Source License
NOES Novell Open Enterprise Server
PFW Personal Firewall
MCAD Mathcad
VIA Virus Information Alliance
MAP Message Access Profile
P4EE Pentium 4 Extreme Edition
WET Wireless Ethernet
BDCR Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
ADI Autodesk Inc.
TSG Timing Signal Generator
GCC General Communication Channel
OSGD Oracle Secure Global Desktop
RBST Ready Boost
BRP Bounded Retransmission Protocol
JASIS Journal of the American Society for Information Science
IAB Internet Advisory Board
SRS Sender Rewriting Scheme
AUNIC Australian Network Information Centre
SHP Shape File
COLS Columns
PAs Protected Areas
UPN United Paramount Network
EIF European Internet Foundation
GRF Google Ride Finder
MEB Middle East Broadcasting
BCDIC Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
SURR Surround
ADS Advantage Database Server
ICLP International Conference on Logic Programming
HPT Hyper Pipelined Technology
AVS Audio Video Standard
IBB Internet Bug Bounty
SFS Self Certifying File System
IPR Internet Policy Review
SEP Symantec Endpoint Protection
BSC Barcelona Supercomputer Center